Monday, March 23, 2015

Before The Doctrinal Debates

This site has typically highlighted the various issues with doctrines that lead to or are part of full/hyperpreterism but there is something perhaps more important than that. Before the doctrinal debates back and forth; whether we're talking about Preterism, Mormonism, Islam or even intra-Christian debates like baptism or freewill versus monergism -- we should ask ourselves one simple question:


This may seem like an odd question, but I mean it. What kind of person viciously attacks another? What kind of person lies about and stalks people? What kind of person claims to really know the hearts of other people let alone our own.  The Bible says:

“The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?" -- Jer 17:9

This is one reason I have NEVER claimed who is and isn't destined for hell...or for heaven. I don't talk about "oh this person has a good heart, if only you knew them like I do".  People, including OURSELVES can and often do put on a mask or we fool ourselves or we justify away why we may behave unhuman, let alone unChristian. Only God ultimately knows a person's heart.  We might be able to know our own hearts in a moment of honesty, but to know OTHER people's hearts???  That's just not biblical.  Sure, we can "know them by their fruits".  But what rottenness do they and we hide or justify away?  We think what we do is because the targets of our rottenness "deserve" it.  We dehumanize them so we can easily live with what we do to them.

Something God has taught me by going through the cult of preterism and being viciously attacked by full preterists, and by those who pretended to be opposed to them but were really out for another self-serving cause; even some "pastors" and "seminary presidents" who attacked me -- what God has taught me is before the doctrinal debates I need to consider what kind of human I am.  I need to consider what kind of human the people I associate with are.  All of this before I care whether they "claim" they are Christians -- even if they are "pastors" or "seminary presidents".


Now my first interest in a person is whether their fruits show honesty and humility. Because if that isn't evident, then all the rest doesn't really matter.  Too often, I have compromised this simple test just so I could interact or because of the person's status or position. I was wrong. I don't care if a person is claiming to be a full blown atheist; if I see honesty and humility, at least there is a starting point for interaction.  Someone who is full of themselves can't see beyond themselves. They are like their own dark shadow covering up what is in front of them.

Anyhow, something I've been thinking about lately.


Craig Allen said...

Thank you for your efforts here on this site, your grace in offering rescue, and your arrival at the centrality of humility. I spent two hours last night exploring the doorway to Preterism, and several hours today on your site. You have easily saved me a hundred hours or more of research. May God bless you in His grace, and may you cling to the blessed hope reserved for all the saints. One day we shall see Him face to face.

Roderick_E said...

To Craig, thank you for the kind words of encouragement. I am thankful the Lord used me in any way to help you with your studies. God bless and keep you.