Monday, August 12, 2013

Answering Emails

Since most of the sites that claimed they were "fighting hyperpreterism" have proved to be either merely advocates for a form of full preterism-lite (often called "Realized Preterism") or a place for them to tell us about all of their personal problems -- where can a person get information/news/answers on full preterism?

While I'm certainly not the only person who knows how full preterism operates and what goes on in that "movement"; I seem to be one of the only persons who will actually publish and interact with what's going on. For example; neither Dee Dee Warren or Todd Dennis have told their readers that so-called famous ex-full preterist Sam Frost reneged on his planned debate with full preterist Don Preston.  This is very important news since this was to be the show down to end all show downs. Frost; the former darling of the full preterist conference circuit versus Preston; the most prolific author of full preterist material.

And don't let Warren or Dennis try to claim the reason they haven't reported on it is because they are too busy or "not obsessed with Sam Frost".  No, the real reason is that Frost's failure to keep his promise doesn't fit their false narrative.  Frost was supposed to be the Talbotian champion; the shining example of Kenneth's Talbot's narcissistic theology. Instead of transforming Frost into a kinder, wiser Christian -- Talbotism; like it has done to others such as Dee Dee Warren has left them in a heap of destruction.

Talbotism has never been about "fighting hyperpreterism" -- since from the get go Talbot propped up hyperpreterism by not only never publicly speaking out while his pupil Frost was promoting full preterism all those years, but actually allowing Frost to help develop student materials for Talbot's "Christian seminary" while Frost was a FP leader. Talbot's plan was always to supplant the radically individualistic full preterism with his own form of palatable preterism which isn't really any less "heretical".  This is the dirty little secret that all the pretenders won't talk about; and is the reason they have to stay quiet about Frost now.

Anyhow, I have been receiving an increasing number of emails requesting interaction with issues relating to full preterism. While I have been attempting to back away from anything to do with this movement; it seems God isn't done with using me. So, in the coming weeks I will be posting some of these emails and interacting with them in detail.


Anonymous said...

Hello, GoodDay Roderick!

Greetings!,I just want to say I'm really thankful for your blogs. If you only knew how comforted I am when I found your website. I know GOD used you to ease my burden and help shed light to my doubts and confused mind when I started to read your blogs. Right now I'm still undoing my beliefs from the "Paradigm Shift" virus that have stricken me for years.

I grew up as a Christian believing in future Physical Resurrection and bodily visible Return of the Lord, but some few years ago, 2008 I was introduced to this Full-Hyper Preterism eschatology. And I was really devastated because their proof text seems to be true based on their "interpretation" (Matthew 24:34,Matthew 16:28,Matthew 10:23) but deep in my spirit I know and feel something is wrong with this beliefs based on my past studies with the Bible. I'm trying to keenly study away from it but the websites and teachings I've read from Full preterist sites keeps haunting me. I want to get rid of that "Heresy and Eschatological TRASH" out of my system. There are few websites that are helpful in debunking HP claims but your blogs is the best and the most helpful site I've found.

So far Mr.DON PRESTON is the most stubborn advocate I have watched and seen on the web. He seems to have a knack in "FORCING" Biblical verses to comply to his covenant eschatology.

I hope you can help me answer this questions that's bothering my mind
since I find you are the most consistent EXPERT based on reading your blogs, so that me and countless others could once and for all be free from the chains of this poisonous view:

I've read them claim that DANIEL 12 is already done .

1)They say that the resurrection (Daniel 12:2) and the Great Tribulation (Daniel 12:1) and the scattering of the Holy People already happened due to time restrictions in (Daniel 12:7)

We are told in the New Testament such a scattering occurred in our Lord's generation (Luke 21:22-24).


"Luke 21:20,22 places us in an interesting position, because it teaches that by the time Jerusalem was destroyed in A.D. 70, all O.T. prophecy would be fulfilled. This includes all prophecy, which deals with Christ's return and the Resurrection. The O.T. prophets did predict the Resurrection (see Job 14:12 ff; Dan. 12:2 ff; etc.).

"And many of those who sleep in the dust of the ground will awake, these to everlasting life, but the others to disgrace and everlasting contempt" (Dan. 12:2).

But, Daniel, when were these things supposed to happen?

"That it would be for a time, times, and a half time; and as soon as they finish shattering the power of the holy people, all these events will be completed". (Dan. 12:7).

Ancient history informs us, that the power of the holy people and the Temple was shattered by Rome in 70 A.D. Thus, the Resurrection predicted here has already been fulfilled." ????????

2) Matthew 10:23… “I tell you the truth, you will not finish going through the cities of Israel, before the Son of Man comes.” is it judgment in 70AD or something else?

3) Does "World without End" means forever? the Earth will not cease and will go on to continue forever as they claim?? (Psalm 78:69, Psalm 104:5,Psalm 37:29, Ecclesiastes 1:4)

Your Reply will finally settle the Issue Once and for ALL! You are certainly being used by the Lord in helping Christians win this "Battle for the Faith" especially for me and my friends who was indoctrinated by this Heresy. reading your Blogs is the such a healing and refreshing medicine to the soul.

Really Big Thanks to your blogsite and may the Lord God Bless you and Your ministry! - Marc :)

Roderick_E said...

Wow, I'm very humbled by this Marc. All glory to God. Sometimes I think this site and my other theological site is futile but messages like yours confirms I should continue on.

I will interact with your questions in detail before the weekend is over, Lord willing.

I do have to say that after your message, I am ashamed that sometimes I veer a bit into the daily minutia that unfortunately needs to be addressed.

I will strive to address the "hard" proof texts that often haunt people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!, I just want to say your labor is never futile, Please continue on Exposing this false eschatological doctrine. Your blogs helped people like me. And most of all do it for the Lord.

HyperPreterist doctrine is somewhat very tricky, I know deep inside by the Spirit it's wrong but I'm having a hard time debunking the "Forced" verses and proof text that are being used out of context and allegorizing the obvious meaning.

Before I'm following their Logic for the benefit of a doubt, but I feel like I'm poisoning and brainwashing myself to the point that it's messing up my logic and sanity already, it's like reading all the Bible with 70AD filter.

If there are apologists that are being used by GOD to defend the Christian Faith from the atheist, humanists and skeptics. You are being used by GOD as a guardian of faith from the inside against "Heretical" teachers and scoffers. I'm really thankful for the promise of addressing my questions above..may the Lord grant you grace. thanks!- marc