Monday, June 17, 2013

Hypocrisy Continues

Even in trying to redefine themselves the Talbotites cannot be humble for one moment.  Talbotite shill and weirdo stalker Jason Bradfield wrote:
"this [how smart Bradfield and his friends are] flies over the heads of most hyper-preterists because they were never systematically trained to begin with."

Huh????? But Sam Frost, Bradfield's mentor WAS supposedly "systematically trained" at the very same "seminary" where Bradfield is now trying to be "trained" YET, Frost STILL fell into "hyper-preterism".  Not only that, Frost used his "systematic training" to advocate hyperpreterism. These people have to be the MOST hypocritical people I have ever known.  They act like as they were coming out of hyperpreterism, they were so wise to see it was false. They IGNORE all the people who went before them (like Todd Dennis). They IGNORE all the people that were opposing them while they were busy advocating hyperpreterism. It's as if they are presenting themselves as successes when in reality they have been failures. They spent over a decade advocating a cult and heresy and even in that they couldn't make it work.

Frost's attempt to start a hyperpreterist church failed. Their websites failed to attract anything but sycophants. They attempted to make hyperpreterism into a "systematic" movement as they were trained by Kenneth Talbot. But when that failed, they needed some other plan.  ENTER the remake. First, they had to claim to reject their former "sole purpose". They had to disclaim what they formerly "truly believed".  And even though both Frost and Bradfield spent years telling us how THEY DID use "systematic training" to arrive at hyperpreterism, suddenly they arrogantly claim no one but them uses "systematic training". So much good it did them?

So, now we're going to be treated to a "new" website where Frost and Bradfield will continue their hypocrisies under a new banner.

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