Thursday, February 28, 2013

When Murderous Men Are In Charge

Dr. Kenneth Talbot of Whitefield Theological Seminary advocates that when he and his followers are in charge, they will KILL those people who don't obey him. --

And we wonder how Christians in pre-Hitler Germany didn't see that evil coming? When people; even more when supposed "Christians" will ignore or even worse support the horrific and appalling comments from men like Talbot, it is easy to see how Nazi Germany happened. Imagine if Talbot really was ever "in charge". He tells us outright that he plans to EXECUTE people who do not obey.  Obey what? His interpretation of the Bible?

Anyone who attempts to justify or downplay what Talbot has said here is party to his murderous intentions. To say we must have taken Talbot out of context is naive. Talbot is clear in context that when he and his followers are in charge, they will KILL people who do not obey him. He is clear that he considers people "blights on society" and "road bumps" that he and his followers "don't want to deal with in [Talbot's] kingdom".  And there is no excuse in trying to claim we should look at Talbot's whole body of work -- as if his kindness and "works" in other areas excuse his advocacy of KILLING people.

Anyone who continues to associate with Talbot merely legitimizes him and his plan to kill people.

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Roderick_E said...

In Florida Law, where Talbot lives; making a death threat is a second degree felony:

"...a threat to kill or do bodily injury to any member of the family of the person to whom such letter or communication is sent commits a felony of the second degree..." - 836.10

And also, "clergy" are not exempt. see statute 775.03