Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Former WTS Student Advises Against It.

Dee Dee Warren, the self-styled champion against hyperpreterism has some wise advice for anyone who is thinking about attending Whitefield Theological Seminary (WTS).  Back in December 2008 before she was silenced with a free tuition from WTS, Warren had this to say about WTS:

"If I were taking courses through Whitfield, I would be very upset if I found out that I was under the teaching of a hyperpreterist." --
Well, even though WTS WAS clearly allowing known hyperpreterist, Sam Frost develop student materials for the seminary, without full disclosure to the students; after WTS' president, Kenneth Talbot approached Warren with flattery and a free tuition to WTS, she suddenly was no longer "upset".  Granted, after I approached WTS as to why they were allowing a known hyperpreterist develop material for the seminary, Frost supposedly ended the relationship.  But the FACT that WTS had been allowing a known hyperpreterist didn't seem to phase Warren.

Fastforward, to 2011.  Now WTS has knowingly enrolled a hyperpreterist to train him to be a "minister".  WTS has not required the individual to recant or sign any agreement with a Statement of Faith as is common with many seminaries. (see here: The reason this is a big issue, is not only because of the past pattern of WTS but because they are training this individual to be a "minister".  I thought a Christian institution was for training Christian ministers.  It is one thing if the individual was auditing a course or taking a general course on Christian history or something, but WTS is going to eventually give this hyperpreterist a degree defining him as a "minister".

If Warren was "very upset" about WTS allowing a known hyperpreterist to develop student materials, what does she think about WTS making a minister out of known hyperpreterist?

If you can sift through the changed position of Warren after being bought off with flattery and a free tuition, you can see she clearly advised against any seminary that allowed this kind of behavior.

From what I understand, Warren has discontinued courses through WTS.  She says it is because she no longer has the time.  Hmm. Really?


Roderick_E said...


Hi Greg, I don't know if you'd see this but maybe someone will pass it on to you since PreteristBlog doesn't allow any open critique. Anyhow, on a previous blog you said:

"Why the obsession with Talbot? Is it the beard? LOL…

Seriously, Talbot’s ideas, whatever they are (I honestly don’t know much about the man)..."

Well, since you admit you don't know much about Talbot and why there is resistence to him and his ideas, might I encourage you to read: which is a full detail, based on facts instead of uninformed ridicule.

Roderick E.

Roderick_E said...

Sam Frost is attempting to re-write history. After years of me pointing out how WTS was allowing a hyperpret (Frost) to develop material for that seminary, Frost for the FIRST time now says he was just more-or-less creating a study guide based on a video series -- material that already existed. Even if that is true:

(1). WTS STILL was having a hyperpret involved in their ministry, paid or not.
(2). This is the first time this has been said and could have been said immediately when I brought up the objection.
(3). Frost himself used to go around using the word "develop for" in regards to what he was doing for WTS.

These people are frauds.