Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Real Antithesis Hour Final Show

The Real Antithesis Hour will have presented 9 podcasts covering the definition and difference between Hyper (or Full) Preterism and historic Christian positions. I want to invite the many listeners to tune in June 16th Thursday for the final show in the series.

The final show will briefly cover the issue of the End of Sin and then wrap up with posing some specific questions to the full/hyperpreterist guest-host, RiversOfEden about his consistent variation of hyperpreterism and how it impacts daily life.

I want to thank the listeners and RiversOfEden. I believe that this series is the only kind like it; since much of the hyperpreterist movement spends time rehashing the time-texts or banning people from their sites rather than interacting with issues. On the other side, many anti-hyperpreterist sites are also caught with drama and egotism.

RiversOfEden and I have attempted to cut out the weather/sports/good ole boy chit-chat and get right into the meat of the discussion every week. We greatly appreciate all of the excellent listener questions and feedback. We may do more podcasts in the future but independent of this series. The series has served its purpose. Thanks again.

God bless and keep you,
Roderick Edwards

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