Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Antithesis Hour 0001 - Defining Hyperpreterism

ManyhandsWelcome to the very first episode of The (NEW) Antithesis Hour with your host Roderick Edwards. In these hour long podcasts we will tackle no holds barred, controversial issues. No kid-gloves. No wishy-washy relativism. No good-ole buddy chats about sports and weather. When you tune in, you will get a full dose of pitting one view against another.

Historic Christianity VS Hyperpreterism Series

First up on the docket is Historic Christianity versus Hyperpreterism. Hyperpreterism, as agreed even by Hyperpreterists is a view that advocates 4 main views that are diametrically opposed to the historic Christian view.

Hyperpreterism advocates (in varying degrees):
  1. Jesus came back once and for all in the 1st-century
  2. The collective resurrection of believers happened in the 1st-century
  3. The Judgment of the wicked and righteous happened in the 1st-century
  4. There will be no end of sin/nor culmination of God's plan

I will be joined by perhaps the most consistent Hyperpreterist, a man who goes by the pseudonym of "Rivers of Eden". We will begin by defining our terms so that neither of us can wriggle around later in upcoming episodes.

In this episode we discuss:
  1. The agreed definition of heresy (see Rom 16:17)
  2. Grammatical, etymological, and historically accurate labels of the various kinds of "Preterism".
  3. Basic distinctives of Full or Hyperpreterism.
  4. Introduction to next episode: TIME-TEXTS

So, sit back and see how REAL antithesis works. To download to your mp3 device or computer -- right click HERE and SAVEAS.
Or listen using the player below.

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