Tuesday, March 8, 2011

AD70.net Calls In Don Preston to Shill For Money

After many times begging people to send him money, Mike Loomis the hyperpreterist owner of the hyperpreterist podcast network, AD70.net finally called in the movement's resident "used carsalesman-like" Don Preston. In a 9 minute video; Don Preston urged people to stop supporting "futurist" ministries and churches and instead start sending their money to Loomis.

In the video, Preston claims that the idea that the hyperpreterist movement isn't growing isn't true. This directly contradicts the recent former hyperpreterist teacher, Sam Frost who says the movement ISN'T growing.

"This is the big deception. It's not "growing". Oh, sure, one here, and one there. And, "Preterism" is not "Full Preterism". Two different systems entirely. Preterism is entirely orthodox. Full Preterism goes way off the reservation. Most church folks have never even heard of Full Preterism. Conduct your own poll." 3/7/2011 (facebook)

Which is it?

That Loomis had to bring out the big gun shows that Loomis is getting desperate. He has openly said he has sunk over $10,000.00 into his hyperpreterist podcast network; all the while not having a day job. His family has to be feeling the squeeze. Loomis is otherwise unemployed. If he can't get his fellow hyperpreterists to support him, his venture will probably go the way of "preterist churches" (as Frost's and Preston's "churches" failed to grow -- ref, hear Preston in his own words).

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Roderick_E said...

Don Preston talking about his "church's failure to grow". Folks, if Preston, the main mouthpiece of the hyperpreterist movement couldn't "grow" hyperpreterism within his own congregation, isn't he being a little dishonest to claim hyperpreterism is growing otherwise???? -- "We started out — we started out some 16 years ago with great hopes & dreams. And we have — we’ve accomplished some great things. But all you have to do is look around this morning — we haven’t grown. Many of our younger couples have abandoned us." -- mp3 http://thekingdomcome.com/060820_Don_Resigns2.mp3