Saturday, November 20, 2010 Quietly Pulls The Plug?

Hyperpreterism is constantly trying to go mainstream, to be accepted as "Christian".  In this effort, hyperpreterist Mike Loomis has started what he calls a "Preterist Radio Station".  It is actually merely a collection of hyperpreterist podcasts, which are streamed live.  Also, Loomis has been able to get some non-hyperpreterist shows on his "station".  This has allowed him to make his station appear more mainstream.

Recently, apparently one of those non-hyperpreterist shows pulled the plug on airing on  The press release said in part:

Prison Minster Marty Angelo pulls plug on weekly radio show Controversy halts prison minister's desire to broadcast on Hollywood CA - November 22, 2010 - Prison Minister, author and former radio host Marty Angelo has to stop broadcasting his weekly radio show on It seems there is quite a controversy brewing within this preterist radio network regarding a new participant who is called only: "Rivers of Eden" (ROE). This individual claims that Jesus Christ only came to earth to save the Jews and the Kingdom of God ended at the destruction of the Jewish temple in AD70 by the Romans. 

Now, granted the entire announcement is likely to be a hoax as hyperpreterists are likely to pull.  But if true this is a major push back against hyperpreterism in the heart of its attempts to promote itself among non-hyperpreterists.

ROE or "Rivers of Eden" has been within the movement for some time.  He first made his appearance on Planet Preterist since at least Sept 2007 (source: ).

He was on hyperpret Larry Siegle's, Sharon Nichols knock-off  Ning site until Ning shut down the free sites.  Over that time, ROE has been advocating that since hyperpreterists claim;

1. God "gathered the Elect" (presumably believing Jews, even per Max King) (Matthew 24:31Mark 13:27)
2. The judgment of the wicked and righteous is past 
3. The resurrection is past

Among other things, that God has fulfilled His plan and purpose.  Then it was God's plan and purpose to redeem His people, which according to ROE's "consistent hyperpreterism", was to redeem the special people he had designated; the "sons of Abraham" which were faithful Jews AND "Gentiles" who AREN'T non-Jews/Greeks, but rather wayward Jews -- Like the Samaritans (Matthew 10:5Luke 9:52Luke 17:16especially John 4:9John 4:22)

I have long contended that this is a "logical conclusion" of the hyperpreterist premise -- especially if we consider Max King's concept of God's plan and purpose was to "save" Israel.  And especially if we consider Ed Stevens' concept that there was a first-century rapture.  All of the "left behind" would have been the non-redeemed.  This would leave planet earth to continue to exist merely as a godless planet of beasts -- the humans that remain here are no more the "Elect" than roaches or rinos, but beast inhabiting a spinning sphere of rock.  God completed/fulfilled His plan and purpose for planet earth.  It would be no wonder then, that according to the hyperpret premise, that we humans that remain are grappling and groping in the dark.  The Bible and the religion of the Bible WASN'T for OR to us -- it was to the Elect, the redeemed, the "gathered", the judged, the resurrected -- which according to hyperpreterism is ALL past.  Forget about Sam Frost's "manifestation" teaching or any "on-going" postmil application -- It is done, per ROE's consistent hyperpreterism.

I interviewed ROE on this topic, BEFORE Mike Loomis re-hashed the same discussion.  Find that audio discussion here:  The Consistent Conclusion of Full/Hyperpreterism

In discussions on his website's chat feature, Loomis told me how much he enjoyed this podcast, and then on Nov 10th, Loomis did another interview with ROE which was essentially the same as mine.  However, it appears Loomis has quietly removed the link.  You can still find it here at the Cached link while it lasts:

Preterist Perspectives-11.10.2010

 - 1:08pm

This is the first of many, "Preterist Perspectives," programs to come. The purpose of this program is to present all of the different views within the ... / - Cached

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