Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Consistent Conclusions of Full/Hyperpreterism

This podcast discusses what a consistent application of Full/Hyperpreterism might look like. Roderick is joined by a Full/Hyperpreteristi using the Internet pseudonym, "Rivers Of Eden". Rivers has used many of the common Full/Hyperpreterist teachings to conclude that God redeemed His Elect (genetic Abrahamic offspring only) in the year AD70 and no longer has any biblically expressed plan for people on earth after AD70.

Some of the typical Full/Hyperpreterist teachings when put together should cause a Full/Hyperpreterist to conclude as Rivers, are as follows:
  • Strong emphasis on "covenant", especially God's covenant as with genetic descendants of Abraham, not just the "Jews" but also the so-called "half-breeds" like the Samaritans and the Hellenistic Israelites/Jews that were living among the non-Abrahamic populations.
  • The Elect were only dead OT descendants of Abraham, along with living first-century converting descendants of Abraham (not true Greeks or "non-Jews") -- As advocated somewhat by Max King
  • Strong emphasis on the concept of House of Israel and House of Judah. -- as often advocated by Don Preston.
  • The "time-statements" pointed to a complete and full terminus of the redemptive plan by the Parousia or Coming of Christ which Full/Hyperpreterists claim was in AD70
  • The collective resurrection of the believers, according to many Full/Hyperpreterists happened in or just prior to AD70.
  • There was a first-century rapture that removed all of the so-called first-rank Christians from the planet, leaving only the so-called second-rank Christians. -- Granted, this view is held only by a segment of Full/Hyperpreterists as advocated by Ed Stevens, Walt Hibbard and a few others.
  • The judgment of the righteous and wicked, or Elect and Reprobate (Sheep and Goats/Wheat and Tares) happened in AD70. This means that Full/Hyperpreterists, believe the "harvest" already occurred.
  • The Marriage of the Bridegroom and Bride (Christ and the Church) supposedly happened around AD70.
These teachings, along with others, if consistently applied by a Full/Hyperpreterist should cause them to conclude God completed His plan for His supposed "Chosen" and only ethnos, or people. Indeed, Full/Hyperpreterism ultimately renders God to be more of a tribal god.

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Rivers is active on several Full/Hyperpreterist forums where he often receives either hostile reception by his fellow Full/Hyperpreterists or they try to ignore his conclusions.

If a Full/Hyperpreterist wants to be honest with his conclusions, he MUST consider and answer what Rivers is presenting, since as Full/Hyperpreterists often claim, they are just being "consistent", it appears Rivers is being even MORE consistent.

Rivers welcomes email at: riversofeden4 AT gmail.com

This was not a debate therefore it was not my intention to challenge what the guest was presenting. I simply wanted him to present the view.

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