Friday, January 1, 2010

When Hyperpreterists Fight Hyperpreterists

We can write about the inconsistencies of hyperpreterism all we want but there is nothing as powerful as quoting one hyperpreterist faction’s comments against another hyperpreterist faction.  What follows are recent comments from a member of the liberal faction against the quasi-conservative faction.  This issue is over the liberal faction’s promotion of a “hyperpreterized” reading of the Genesis account (the quasi-conservatives, who inconsistently try to hold onto some amount of orthodoxy will not consistently apply their hyperpreterism — thus the fight).  Notice how this guy takes Sam “the presumed scholar” Frost to task for not addressing the issue but instead letting his underlings do the grunt work.

I especially like how this guy tells Sam how his isolated & inconsistent little group will eventually be left behind as the liberals keep advancing the more consistent brand of hyperpreterism (I agree with him).  Oh no, who then will build the statues in Sam’s honor?  Who will read one of his books 100 years from now if he is merely a dustbin has-been? :-)
Why don’t you speak for yourself? You are the theological person over there in your group. As I said in my previous post you are really coming off as weak in defense of your YEC [Young Earth Creationism] beliefs. You can continue to ignore us and let others continue to handle and muddy up your affairs or you can step up to the plate.
You are a very vocal critic against a Covenant Creation (CC) [hyperpreterized Genesis] understanding and you have a wonderful and respectful reputation as a scholar and theologian among those that I interact with on other forums. Yet you have failed to show substantial reasoned positions on why you criticize CC except for a snipe here or there. How can you let this debate continue as a sideshow when you have all the ability in the world to elevate it into a legitimate discussion based upon sound Preterist biblical hermeneutic principals?
Sam I have news for you, Covenant Creation is spreading through the rank and files of the Preterist community. You are not necessarily privy to other forums where this is being discussed and understood. In a few years you and your site will become embraced only by the Ed Stevens and Kurt Simmons follower types of Preterism and maybe some reformed folks. The Covenant Creation understanding will move on into the mainstream leaving you guys in the dustbin of history as just another remnant of curiosity in about 5 or 10 years. Fifty years from now the questions being asked is “what happened to that Sam Frost guy who started out so good?” Will history simply say that he got “left behind”?
Don’t you at least owe it to your own followers to provide encouragement to them with theological help in refuting us? Or are they strictly on their own having to depend on others to keep the CC wolves away?

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