Friday, January 1, 2010

How Hyperpreterism Impacts

Recently, some hyperpreterists have been asking themselves how their hyperpreterism has “impacted their walk with Jesus Christ”. In response, many of them talk about how it has caused them to realize Jesus’ role as prophet, priest & king. I wonder why they never realized that before. Have they ever considered the fault may lie in themselves?

But it is one specific response that caught my attention. Sam Frost, known as the “presumed scholar” within hyperpreterism because of his erudite blathering as he talks over most everyone that ever has a “face-to-face”, phone conversation with him, made some very outlandish comments.

First he says:

“Jesus shines and cuts through even our errors. I used to be a Charismatic - same Jesus - I was a high church Episcopalian - same Jesus. I was Dispensational - same Jesus. When I look back on my forty-one years of life in the world, the same Jesus I fell in love with as a child is the same Jesus that astounds me daily. He has not changed, but my understanding of him has.”

Remember, this is the same Sam Frost that tried to paint Brian Simmons as confused & jumping from position to position. But what is outlandish is how Frost contradicts himself within the very next paragraph.

“Surely God doe[s] not desire his church to be content with settling with 6 or 7 conflicting Eschatologies, and that they must all tolerate each other because they, at least, all agree on a future coming! That was not enough for me. Panmillennialism was not what Paul taught (it will all “pan” out in the end somehow).”

Wait, I thought you believed it was the “same Jesus” operating through all the different theological perspectives which you had passed over the 41 years, yet here you want us to believe God MUST not have what APPEARS to be conflicting eschatologies??? That “was not enough” for you. Then why is it enough for you to see the same Jesus in all of your various theological perspectives? You unwittingly hinted at the answer – BECAUSE AT LEAST ALL OF THOSE SUPPOSED DIVERGENT ESCHATOLOGIES ALL AGREE ON A FUTURE COMING. Hyperpreterism is a dramatic departure from that. Hyperpreterism is outside the scope of historic Christian eschatology.

The next statement by Frost is not only outlandish, but it shows he should not even be considered a “scholar” at all since this statement shows a complete ignorance of history.

“God ordains error in order that we might come to understand the truth. Certainly, Luther’s lone interpretation of justification by faith was contrasted with 1000 years of justification by works - an error most grotesquely displayed in the Sale of Indulgences. It was the acceptance and growth of that error that the contrast of justification by faith could be better grasped.”
What in the world? This is the problem with many of us children of Protestantism. We have this romanticized image of Martin Luther being a lone wolf, opposing all of history. Rather anyone with a bit of “scholarship” knows this interpretation of justification by faith was NOT Luther’s invention. There was John Huss before him, Augustine before him & I submit the Church in general all the way back to the apostles. The idea that this should be contrasted with 1000 years of justification by works is just plain wrong. The selling of indulgences was of a recent manifestation to which Luther & the other Reformers soundly responded. This was NOT some new, novel teaching the Reformers were espousing. Lastly about this statement, Frost seems to be echoing the sentiment from other persons from his ministry who say that God purposely kept the Church from rightly understanding eschatology for 2000+ years. Hey, with that reasoning maybe Joseph Smith jr. or Muhammad actually are the true representatives of true religion after all! I mean, maybe God “ordained” more error than Frost thinks.

All of this & yet Frost’s little followers either cannot or dare not say anything about his bad reasoning & bad grasp of history – after all, he is Sam Frost M.A.R. presumed scholar extraordinaire. Who would dare to oppose him?

The “impact of hyperpreterism” is seen through not only the bad theology it breeds in more quantities than anything within even dispensationalism; such as universalism, antinomianism, relativism, & socialism but also how it negatively affects individual lives in an increased quantity. Such as major leaders within hyperpreterism cheating on their wives, or becoming atheists, or advocating polygamy or condoning excessive drinking because hey, at least they take care of their kids. No, no, they won’t see this connection but they can claim the supposed positives all day long.
Hyperpreterism isn’t a “walk with Jesus Christ” but rather a tripping up of one’s faith. A train wreck!

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