Friday, January 1, 2010

Historic Christians are “Imbeciles”???

It never ceases to amaze me… the hypocrisy within hyperpreterist circles is astounding.
They get so upset when they are called heretics, though clearly that is what they are.  Not because we are trying to be mean to them or put ourselves up as better than they, but they are heretics because the Bible says they are.  Any teaching that DIVIDES itself & its adherents from the teaching of the apostles (i.e. the historic Christian Church) is a heresy & those “teachers” are heretics (Rom 16:17-18).  I don’t care how buddy-buddy that “teacher” has been with orthodox people in the past.  I don’t care how much name dropping they do.  I don’t even care how often they boast about their degrees – if they divide people from the faith once delivered to the saints, then they are heretics.

Now, granted there are heretics in the sense of the “teachers” utilizing the “smooth & flattering” words & then there are heretics who follow those “teachers”.  I am typically targeting the “teachers” – that is the reason I NAME NAMES of the “teachers” such as Sam Frost, Virgil Vaduva & others (it is biblical to NOTE/MARK/NAME those who are teaching divisive heresy).

But what amazes me even more is how these heretics want to be treated like “Christian brothers” & yet what they are advocating is nothing like historic Christianity.  I don’t care how many random names they can quote & misquote that appear to support their position – historically, hyperpreterism has NEVER been taught by the Church – not by the pre-Roman Catholics, not by the Roman Catholics, not by the Greek Orthodox, not by the Protestants, not even the Anabaptist radicals.  Folks, there is no other belief touting itself as “Christian” that has been so ANTI-Christian as hyperpreterism.  I’m sorry it “hurts” some hyperpreterists to be considered heretics, but that is what they are while they continue to hold to a belief that is so clearly NOT historically Christian.  There is no way around this for them.  Their “leaders” are now upset because it is becoming more & more obvious that hyperpreterism is historically ANTI-Christian so to do damage control they have been actively trying to equate hyperpreterism with the Reformation.  They want people to believe hyperpreterism is simply a continuance of the “reforming of the Church”.  But they lie to their followers.  Martin Luther, John Calvin & the other Reformers didn’t just oppose Roman Catholicism, they also opposed the “radicals” who wanted to chuck it all & advocate a twisted concept of “Sola Scriptura”, wherein the radicals exchanged the Pope in Rome for the Pope in the mirror.  This is EXACTLY what hyperpreterists do.

This sentiment is most evident in a recent comment by hyperpreterist leader, Sam Frost where he said in reference to those who oppose his hyperpreterism:


Not only is this sheer name calling unbecoming of someone claiming he is a “scholar”, but buddies of Frost such as Mike Bennett have long claimed their “approach” to conflicting concepts was better, nicer & more professional.  Really????  Mike, this is your champion, your “presumed scholar” here calling his critics “imbeciles”, not to mention the various times Sam has actually literally told me to “F^%^& off”.

To me, the hyperpreterist challenge to “prove them wrong from the Bible” is nothing but a relativistic chest-thumping desire for a pee-pee match.  The Arians ALSO made this challenge.  They want to ignore that Jesus HANDPICKED apostles to found His Church – that there is indeed TRADITION…Tradition of HOW Scripture is to be handled (see here).  They want people to “prove” them wrong using their methods of interpretation.  It can’t be done because their method is flawed & convoluted.  Two wrongs wouldn’t make a right.

It appears the hyperpreterist “leaders” are in meltdown mode.  They are either going along merrily in their delusion like Virgil Vaduva & his band of theological socialists or they are trying to “re-paint” themselves as “biblical preterists” like Sam Frost & his band of disenfranchised quasi-conservatives.  I ask you hyperpreterist “followers” – give up this mess & come home to REAL Christianity.

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