Friday, January 1, 2010

Eye for an Eye Irony

There has been a fairly large behind the scenes battle going on between the hyperpreterists & the former-hyperpreterists.  In this battle, the hyperpreterists are doing as they are often known to do…attacking the PERSON & claiming they are justified in doing so because they claim they are just doing what has been done to them.  There is a strange irony that a group that claims “the Law has been done away with” (often even for those who have not professed Christ), would employ a sort of “eye for an eye” tactic.  But the real problem is that it ISN’T an “eye for an eye”.

As far as I know, no former-hyperpreterist has EVER spoken about a hyperpreterist’s PERSON.  By that I mean, you never see us talking about if their ears are too big, or if they have a goatee (yes a hyperpreterist insults me over my goatee), or calling them “lesbian house wives”, or saying they need to be on medication (as they constantly say about us), or sending out pictures depicting them as the Whore of Babylon from Revelation 17-18.  All these things, hyperpreterists are known to do toward either those former-hyperpreterists who won’t go away quietly or toward those who have had an apologetics ministry against hyperpreterism, such as Dee Dee.
BUT… WE DO talk about the erroneous doctrines of the hyperpreterists.  We DO talk about their evidential egos, their evidential lies, their evidential corrupt actions, & their evidential contrary & divisive statements.  “Evidential” meaning we have evidence.  We source link & document these things so that others can see we are not just calling these hyperpreterists “idiots” or “boobs” (two favorite words of hyperpreterists).
We try to DEMONSTRATE via their OWN IN CONTEXT comments that either hyperpreterists are affected adversely by the corrupt antinomian/anti-authoritarian premises & conclusions of hyperpreterism OR that their corrupt antinomian/anti-authoritarian mindset affects their doctrine, thus allowing them to readily accept the lie of hyperpreterism.
The battle has reached a fever pitch & has drawn out some of the nastier hyperpreterists who have been trying to say Dee Dee & a former-hyperpreterist woman named Dorothy are “following” me.   The reality is, Dee Dee prayed for me while I was STILL a hyperpreterist & she NEVER coddled me & fell for the typical hyperpreterist need to feel “validated”.  My renouncement of hyperpreterism is due in part to Dee Dee’s caring yet NON-COMPROMISING approach.  Secondly, I’m a GUEST-POSTER on a site OWNED & RAN BY DEE DEE.  Thanks Dee Dee.  I guess that means I’m “following” you eh?  Maybe we should get matching leopard-skin boots to give the hyperpreterists something to REALLY talk about? :-)
As for Dorothy, she was my friend BEFORE I left hyperpreterism & though it was difficult, I mainly just prayed for her & kept the same approach as Dee Dee had used with me.  When one day Dorothy renounced hyperpreterism, I STILL maintained my distance — not because I didn’t want to praise God with her for freeing her from the anti-biblical & anti-historical cult that is hyperpreterism, but because I KNEW that the hyperpreterists would try to spin it as if I talked a “poor, poor gullible woman out of the ‘truth’ of hyperpreterism”.  I waited for her to make her own stand without influence from me — YET STILL the hyperpreterists — her former “friends” none-the-less ARE portraying this godly woman as a mere “follower” of Roderick, saying she has become a “backstabbing, mean spirited, hateful person” all to “keep Roderick happy”.
Women, even hyperpreterist women should be insulted & offended by this UFC-like thuggery.  These supposed “men” of hyperpreterism think these women are too dumb to on their own come to the conclusion that hyperpreterism is wrong.  Rather, I’ve known Dee Dee & Dorothy to be modern day “Priscillas & Lydias”.
The battle goes even deeper & more sinister as the hyperpreterist “men” attempt to hit me by hitting Dee Dee & Dorothy — or do they want to just say they are attacking Dee Dee & Dorothy themselves?  Either way, are these the actions of REAL MEN?  Their wives should be ashamed of them regardless of their hyperpreterism.
Now, the hyperpreterists claim they are just doing what has been done to them.  Again, please show us where we maintain anonymous websites of out of context, non-sourced “quotes”. Show us where we have depicted any of them as “whores” or called any of them “homosexual househusbands”.
Do we PRIVATELY ask seminaries why they would employ a hyperpreterist on theological course work?  YES.  Is that wrong?  No.  Even if by asking that question, the hyperpreterist might be fired from influencing young, new Christians.  We Christians are SUPPOSED to “expose the unfruitful works of darkness” (Eph 5:11)  I’d say allowing a hyperpreterist to work at a Christian seminary doing anymore than janitorial work is a pretty “dark” thing since I know I’d be upset if I was a student & found out say, a Mormon was writing my course work & the seminary didn’t tell me.  So, YES — it is completely honest & legitimate to expose such a thing.
Do we PUBLICLY warn unsuspecting Christians that a hyperpreterist is in their midst?  YES.  Is it “stalking” to simply point out to a PUBLIC forum that, “Hey, this person is a hyperpreterist & is teaching XYZ?”.  No.  “stalking” is when hyperpreterists set up a website, gathered all sorts of personal information on Dee Dee including a map to her home & encouraged someone to go & “shut her up”.  Yes, they ACTUALLY did this — listen to Dee Dee’s candid podcast about it here.
Do we ridicule the pompous egos of the main leaders of hyperpreterism? YES INDEED.  Paul for instance SARCASTICALLY ridiculed the so-called “super-apostles” of his day who thought they were all the rage (see 2 Corinthians 11:4-6 & 2 Corinthians 12:10-12).  We tweak the egos of SOME of these “super-apostles” with their “man-crushes” on their various “leaders” & fellow “leaders” because it either causes them to show their true nature or perhaps they will be shamed & humbled…I doubt it.  We do this because we KNOW their theology & their character is interconnected — remember, we used to be hyperpreterists.  We KNOW that either their antinomian/anti-authoritarian/rabid individualistic mindset lends to their acceptance of the heresy of hyperpreterism which has as its over-arching premise a disdain for historic Christianity, or that their hyperpreterism engenders an antinomian/anti-authoritarian/rabid individualistic mindset — these things go hand & hand.  See one element & you will see the other if they ever cross paths.  This is the reason, hyperpreterists claim that what we are doing is only causing their movement to grow — if it is growing it is because more & more antinomian/anti-authoritarian/rabid individualistic mindset people are finding a home within hyperpreterism.  That’s fine with me.  The Bible says,
1 Corinthians 11:19
For there must also be factions (heresies) among you, that those who are approved may be recognized among you.
The darkness of a heresy like hyperpreterism merely contrast the bright shine of the Light of the World — Christ Jesus & the community of the saints — the historic Christian Church.  Let the hyperpreterists pool on their little websites, patting each other on the back for supposedly making some pretext/proof-text “argument” by twisting Scripture & ignoring 2000 years of Christian interpretation.  It will be easier to simply point people to them & say, THAT IS WHAT UNFRUITFUL WORKS OF DARKNESS look like (Eph 5:11).
Lastly, during this recent battle some of the lesser vocal hyperpreterists have been trying to get into the picture.  One hyperpreterist fellow even said this about us (not just me):
“Some people are not even critics, they are just looking for as much time and attention as they can get. They will shape shift and follow the argument of the month if it keeps them in the spotlight. They stab friends in the back at a whim.” (source)

Really?  What “attention” are we looking for?  Do you think we enjoy being called insane?  Do you think we enjoy people talking about our PERSONS?  Do you think we enjoy being depicted as “whores” or as duped, dumb women?  As for spotlight, who is it that is bragging about the “growth” of their site & movement?  And as for stabbing “friends” in the back, have you seen what has been done to Dorothy?  The truth is, this hyperpreterist fellow is a drive-by.  He DOESN’T interact day-to-day with this stuff & comes upon it & makes a judgment call without EVIDENTIAL knowledge.  But I’m sure he feels justified as do the hyperpreterists when they think they are paying an “eye for an eye” in their ironic, inconsistent, inaccurate depiction of the situation.

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