Friday, January 1, 2010

The Challenged Challenge: Answering Jason Bradfield

The habitual liar & hyperpreterist Jason Bradfield has recently posted a YouTube video to “challenge” William Hill, the host of Covenant Radio (CR) on Hill’s posting of a statement clarifying CR’s position on hyperpreterism.
Now, Jason starts his video by claiming that the former CR host, Jeff McCormack was NOT a hyperpreterist — McCormack was CERTAINLY a hyperpreterist & there is documentation in Jeff’s own words that declare it.  So, Jason starts off either ignorant of the truth OR once again lying.

The statement on CR’s site outlines the 3 main beliefs of hyperpreterism;
1. Jesus came back once & for all in the year AD70
2. The resurrection of the believers happened in the year AD70.
3. The judgment of the wicked & righteous happened in the year AD70.

Yet, Jason skips right over the MEAT of the statement, calling it “vague”.
Jason then goes on to directly insult Hill by saying, “We don’t need you”.  Ok???? So why did you do the video if you think Hill & CR are so insignificant?  Is Hill going around saying how much people “need him”???  Who thinks like this, but an arrogant hyperpreterist who MUST have as their overarching premise that the Church & the world NEEDED THEM to show all of us dummies what the Bible supposedly REALLY says.
Next Jason claims I (without naming my name — since I am a curse word among the “movement”), claims that I “spend most of my life tracking them down & spreading lies & slander & putting them in a bad light”.  Jason, I have & MAINTAIN a full time job & have a family & many, many other interests.  Secondly, Jason please be more specific — what LIES & SLANDER have I spread???  In your very video you either ignorantly tell the viewers that McCormack wasn’t a hyperpreterist, or you LIE to them.  You put yourself in a “bad light”.  You have been caught in so many lies over the years Jason it isn’t funny.
Then Jason tries to take issue with this  portion of the CR statement as if it is a contradiction:
[Hyperpreterism] is NOT a heresy just because we don’t like it, nor is it a heresy because it is “new”, nor is it a heresy because the majority oppose it. Hyperpreterism is a heresy because it is unlike anything ever taught in the history of Christianity…from the very founding to now.
Claiming that the complaint against hyperpreterist is “because its new”.  No, actually forms of hyperpreterism ARE NOT very new — hyperpreterism borrows much from the Gnostics which were around at the very founding of Christianity — however, Gnosticism like hyperpreterism are NOT Christian.
Jason glosses over most of the statement as “ad hom stuff” but the FACT is hyperpreterism MUST have as its overarching premise, the ARROGANT concept that 2000 years of Christianity has either been duped or covering up the supposed “truth” of hyperpreterism.  Yes, I’d call that arrogant.
Continuing to ignore the bulk of the CR statement, Jason glosses over the part about hyperpreterist tactics & instead complains that Christians can appeal to Christian history but hyperpreterists aren’t allowed to — Why aren’t they allowed to?  Because there is NO CHRISTIAN THEOLOGIAN until perhaps Max King that has EVER taught any kind of systematic form of hyperpreterism.  When hyperpreterists appeal to Christian history they cherry pick quotes & ignore that the theologians overall belief was diametrically opposite of how the hyperpreterist tries to depict them from the lifted quotes.
Jason says the “part that irks” him the most about the CR statement is that part that addresses the history of hyperpreterism.  Jason implies that he takes issue with the reference of Max King & hyperpreterism’s “church of Christ” beginnings.  He implies that the only reason the “church of Christ” link is mentioned is “because Mr. Hill’s audience is Reformed & wow we don’t want to associate with these weird ‘church of Christ’ people” — What Jason DOESN’T tell us is that hyperpreterism’s main leaders have & still are men with “church of Christ” backgrounds: Max King, Tim King, Don Preston, William Bell, Terry Hall, Jack Scott, Larry Seigle, Virgil Vaduva, Kurt Simmons, & even Ed Stevens.  Why? What is the connection?  Is it really just a coincidence? (see here)
Finally we get to the REAL reason Jason did this video.  There was a cultic community in upstate NY back in the 1800s called the Oneida Community which practiced & taught a form of hyperpreterism.  Now remember, the CR statement says the modern form of hyperpreterism started in the 1970s.  Well, Jason is upset because he thinks it is unfair to associate the Oneida Community with modern hyperpreterism.  Jason then tries to imply the beliefs of the Oneida Community were in line with modern day so-called “partial preterists” — like R.C. Sproul.  Really???  Sproul advocates anything like the Oneida Community???
Jason then points out that the Oneida Community’s beliefs are “not the view of Max King, Sam Frost, or Don Preston” — who said it was Jason????
Jason, the hint may be in something you said even about yourself — you claimed you are “Calvinistic” but not “historically Reformed”.  I agree.  the Oneida Community was not “historically hyperpreterist”, but it was certainly hyperpreteristic in that like modern hyperpreterism it HAD to advocate that historic Christianity was woefully wrong.
To conclude, Jason “challenges” Hill by offering Hill a $500.00 check to “provide original source material demonstrating that the Oneida Community’s millennial position…timing of the judgment is the same as Max King, Sam Frost, & Don Preston” — Jason???  WHO SAYS IT WAS????  I think you & your family would be better served that you keep your money to provide for them…especially since your “challenge” is based on something no one even claimed.  And to claim you “can’t think of another way to get” Hill’s attention than your offering him money is very insulting as if he is all about monetary gain.  Is this a projection of your own mentality Jason???
Lastly, Jason finishes up his presentation with one more lie — claiming that he brought up to me the Oneida issue on a Christian forum called CARM & that I “backed out of the conversion”.  Jason, are you failing to tell everyone you kept getting banned by the moderators on CARM because you couldn’t speak without insult?  I didn’t “back out”, but rather told you as I am now, you are setting up a false premise — no one has claimed the Oneida Community advocated the exact same things as you modern hyperpreterists.
You complete your insult to Hill by claiming he has only posted the CR statement so that he can get certain guests on his show.  CR had all sorts of guests on the show with or without the statement.  CR even had people on the show while one of its co-hosts was a full blown hyperpreterist. Jason, just because you may not have principles doesn’t mean others don’t & that they will do things based on principle no matter whether it makes you happy or not.
Actually, I think it is CR & Hill that “don’t need you” Jason.  They certainly don’t need to hear all of the lies & false premises you packed into to this video.  I wonder if any of your hyperpreterist buddies will take you to task?
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