Friday, January 1, 2010

SGP Admins Get REALLY “Spanked”

After some of the elites of the hyperpreterist site, SGP read my epistemological discussion with Dr. Ken Talbot (ref), they concluded I was “spanked” by Dr. Talbot. They accused me of not being a “presuppositionalist”. Some even claimed I am an “evidentialist” — apparently having no idea about the difference.
There were a few problems with their conclusions, one is that I wasn’t really presenting anything different than what has come to be known as “Van Tilian” presuppositionalism.  And as I pointed out, was obviously the same kind of presuppositionalism advocated by Calvin, B.B. Warfield, Abraham Kuyper, Francis Schaeffer & in more modern times by Greg Bahnsen, R.J. Rushdoony, K. Scott Oliphint, John M. Frame, Kenneth Gentry & others.

So, for the hyperpreterists like Sam Frost to paint it as if what I presented was anti-biblical just shows how dishonest hyperpreterists can be.  Frost is a “selfish” man (his own words) who likes to brag about who he knows & where he learned something, & how much time he spent learning it.  He even painted the future debate with Dr. Talbot as if it’s going to be a couple of buddies writing a book together.  Frost doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of his heresy.  Dr. Talbot ISN’T trying to be friendly to hyperpreterists.  He as much as any of us here would like to see their mouths stopped & the Bible calls us to “sharply rebuke” such people — not play theological paddy-cake with them. (Titus 1:10-14)
Secondly, there is nothing dishonoring or not “Scripturalist” about starting with the presupposition of as Warfield called it “semen religionis” (religious seed) where it is evident all humanity appears to be endowed with an innate desire to reach out to the Deity(s) even if they do not know what or who the Deity(s) may be.  This doesn’t distract from being a “Scripturalist” in the slightest.  As a matter of fact, it should point out that if there is a Deity, people would expect that the Deity has communicated somehow with humanity (this is where Scripture comes in — Psalms 14:1Psalms 53:1, Psalms 19:1, Romans 1:20, Hebrews 1:1-2, Matt 16:13)
So, while the hyperpreterists on SGP were busy making immature videos depicting their opponents as female tennis players, or writing blogs where they can’t even properly spell words like “hypocrisy” (instead of “hypocracy” -ref, if they don’t correct it before you see it), the members & readers of PretBlog are having deep discussions that are more than typical Bennett disconnected cut-&-paste proof-texting.
But what this article really is about is how Frost & his fellow SGP admins have constantly been breaking their OWN rules.  They have a rule on their site to never mention the name of Dee Dee, myself & I think some others.  Yeah, that’s real engaging, real brave.  But anyhow, Frost & his fellow admins have repeatedly broken their OWN rules & when Frost did so again recently one of their own members threatened to possibly leave the site.
SGP Admin/creator Jason Bradfield promptly removed his own article, his immature video, AND Frost’s article.  So, the SGP admins were REALLY “spanked”.  They kept breaking their OWN rules (as narrow-minded & reclusive as those rules are) & got “spanked” for it.
Further, when SGP members named “davo” & “ronnie” wanted to discuss whether the Bible teaches univeralism (everyone saved) using the Bible Only — guess what?  One of the admins of SGP, Mike Bennett deleted the post.  So, here we have hyperpreterists who make a policy not to engage their main critics, yet breaking their OWN policies time & time again.  The same hyperpreterists who whine & complain & claim we never deal with Scripture (though we have over & over), these same hyperpreterists deny a fellow hyperpreterist to discuss, from the Bible something he considers important.  They are cultic to core…living in a delusion, actiing like FORMER hyperpreterists such as myself are just out to “hate” & “smear” them & as if we can’t mount a Scriptural argument all the while they deny that same approach to one of their own.
What’s more is these same hyperpreterists who claim we are using “ad homs” & “slander” merely when we point out what they actually believe AND things they have ACTUALLY done & often not repented of, these same hyperpreterists write us emails like the excerpt from Mike Bennett to me:
“…you dont actually have real live friends.  Nobody like[s] you Rod - and hate to break it to ya it isnt because you are conservative.  It’s just you period.” (Mike Bennet, using REAL ad homs)
There you go hyperpreterist followers.  There are your brave leaders in the open.  Be it Sam Frost with his constant pandering, name-dropping & sucking up (ref), or Don Preston & his ditching of his congregation when it wouldn’t financially support his effort to spread hyperpreterism (ref) or the SGP admins in their immature yet REAL hypocrisy in breaking their OWN stated policies.  Is this really the kind of thing you want to be part of???

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