Friday, January 1, 2010

Sam Frost Gets 'Spanked' By Kelly Birks

Well, here we go. The hyperpreterists have been using anyone they can to validate themselves. If anyone throws them a bone, they are romp & ready to chase after it. When there was a public disagreement on epistemology between Dr. Kenneth Talbot & myself, the hyperpreterists were there slobbering to be the first to claim I was “spanked” by Dr. Talbot, although I think Dr. Talbot would admit many fine Reformed folks have come down on either side of the epistemological argument. However, the hyperpreterists are out in the dogpatch by themselves.
Recently, hyperpreterist “leader” Sam Frost has been experiencing some resistance to his pandere’ modus operand…from his OWN fellow hyperpreterists none-the-least.
Do I get to puff up & claim that Sam Frost was “spanked” by his fellow hyperpreterist, Kelly Birks? Or maybe I should make a video…or a whole string of videos. Can I borrow your mac Jason?
A couple of quotes from Birks:

“I completely disagree with Sam relative to the idea that there was no substantial/spiritual difference between the body of Christ that went into the tomb and the body that came out…We need to once again, NOT read our ideas into the text. This is what the CBV [corporate body view] heremeneutic must do in order to be maintained. Also, there exists no scripture that states or even implies that when Christ ascended into the heavenlies, that he somehow put off his resurrection body…He has the same body he was raised in folks. But it was somehow transformed into that which is acceptable in the heavenly realm. We will possess the same type of glorified physical acceptability. Why must this be so patently rejected by some? It has nothing to do wth glorified chest hairs or toenails. Give me a break.” (source)
[Relating to the nature of Jesus' resurrected Body, replying to Sam Frost] “Sorry, but you’re just not dealing with what Peter and Paul state relative to refrring to the Ps. 16:10 qoute that they both used to “prove” that Jesus’ body would not see decay in the tomb…You’re just plain ‘ol wrong brother…I think something else is driving you at this point and you have found yourself slipping into the need to posit things in order to prove a larger agenda.” (source)
Even Frost’s fellow hyperpreterists see that he has “slipped” into a need to prove some larger agenda — what is that agenda?  For Sam Frost to remain the “presumed scholar” of the hyperpret movement.

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