Friday, January 1, 2010

Kenneth Gentry on Hyperpreterism

An April 13,2009 — 54 minute audio discussion between Dr. Kenneth Gentry & Jerry Johnson (president of  Gentry explains that hyperpreterism is a reaction to the error of “Left Behind” dispensationalism.  However, I believe Gentry aids hyperpreterism when he claims the AD70 event was a “metaphorical coming of Christ”.  Rather, it was the Landowner taking vengeance on behalf of the Son & to what the wicked vinedressers had done (Matthew 21:33-45).  To say Jesus came back in AD70 misses what Jesus was saying in those verses & as I said, only leads a person to either adopt hyperpreterism or point out that even so-called “partial-preterism” is just as heretical as hyperpreterism, since it would have Jesus coming 3 times.

Also, near the end of the audio, Gentry refers to Gary DeMar as a good source to compare “biblical preterism” (as he calls it) to hyperpreterism.  Ummm… Dr. Gentry don’t you know DeMar is the wink-wink champion among the hyperpreterist movement & he will NOT call it a heresy.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop referring people to guys like DeMar.

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