Friday, January 1, 2010

Big Fish, Little Pond: Hyperpreterism’s Leaders

When it comes to the “leaders” of Hyperpreterism, you may wonder why some of them, who otherwise seem like bright individuals — why do they remain within the hyperpreterist movement? Sure, we can understand why such a movement might be appealing to some unemployed, spouseless person with no life.  And sure we might understand why it might be a fun place to hang out if the person admits to constantly being confused & is seeking other people just as confused as they are to make them feel better.  But what about the person who seems fairly stable, perhaps had been a real Christian for many years, maybe even had some seminary training?  After a while, don’t you think this person would see what a sham hyperpreterism really is?  If nothing else, if they were honest they’d have to admit that whatever hyperpreterism is, it isn’t historically Christian.  Maybe they do admit this to themselves privately.  So, there must be more to it.

After receiving an email from a very well-known hyperpreterist leader, wherein he just had to tell me to see [his] article in one of the most prominent theological journals in the world”.  Ah-ha, I see this behavior repeated from almost all the “leaders” & wanna-be leaders of hyperpreterism.  They are constantly seeking validation.  Whether they are trying to chum-up to Gary DeMar, or James Jordan, or talk about who of importance DOESN’T call them a heretic, these people have the same M.O.  They like to talk about how “seasoned” they are or how close they are to Max King (traditional “founder” of hyperpreterism), or how long they have been in movement.
This reveals the REAL reason these otherwise intelligent people will not give up this heresy.  Sure, they aren’t going to get rich off of hyperpreterism, but it sure does make them feel important — the BIG FISH IN THE LITTLE POND complex.  Why would they want to give that up?  I mean, many of them would be nothing (as I am nothing) if they ever renounced hyperpreterism.  But then again, John Calvin once said:
No true Christian is his own man –John Calvin
What should we expect from a group that has as its premise, that 2000 years of Christianity has been grossly in error over eschatological matters?  Of course its main advocates are going to have egos to match that premise.
I’m not saying these things to be rude but to hopefully wake up someone.  Maybe you are a leader within the movement & though you are soooooo important & speak at all the various hyperpreterist conferences & have been advocating hyperpreterism for years, maybe it is time for you to come clean.  We’re waiting, come join us little fish in the big pond of historic, biblical Christianity & we can be “nothings” together. :-)

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