Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Hyperpreterist Returns to Christianity…sort of

It takes a lot of guts to leave a cult.  The intimidation is far greater than you can imagine.  Once a person commits themselves to a heresy or a cult, they become completely entangled in it.  They begin to identify themselves as the “persecuted” & therefore the “fellowship” of the group is everything to them — since historic Christianity will typically have nothing to do with them while they are within the heresy/cult.  So, leaving such a situation takes a very, very courageous step.
I remember when Dorothy Anderson first left the hyperpreterist movement (ref).  When I heard about it, I purposely kept my distance.  I wanted her to realize she left the movement, not because I or anyone else talked her into leaving but because she realized it was error. I also was very concerned that if I associated too quickly with Dorothy, that the hyperpreterists would simply paint her as a “Roderick clone”.  Well, even with all that consideration, some hateful hyperpreterists, like Mike Sullivan STILL threw hateful comments towards Dorothy:

I will say the same thing about you that I did Roderick.  I pointed out how there is no middle ground and that Roderick’s heart would eventually get harder from his sin of rejecting and compromising the Word of God.  That is the road you are on.. And because of this, reading you (like Roderick) will end up being a complete waist (sp) of anyone’s time.” — (Hyperpreterist Mike Sullivan thrashing former Hyperpreterist Dorothy Anderson — ref)
Mike said this long before I began to re-associate with Dorothy.  I do find it a bit humorous when these guys insult people & yet they can’t even spell.
When Dorothy first left the movement, even AFTER Sullivan’s remarks she didn’t want to call her former compatriots, “hyperpreterists” & she most certainly didn’t want to call that belief a heresy.  She did all she could to still view them as “brothers & sisters in Christ”.  Upon further reflection & study, she independently concluded that indeed hyperpreterism IS heretical.  This did not change her love for her friends still within the clutches of the movement, as a matter of fact it made her more eager to do what she could to help them leave it.
Another person recently renounced “full preterism”.  Vince Krivda, also known as “Bibletouchstone” made a Youtube announcement on Aug 7, 2009 that he is no longer a full preterist (ref). He affirmed a future bodily resurrection, a future judgment, & that Christians will abide in the abode of Heaven.  Like Dorothy, Vince doesn’t want to see his former fellows as heretics nor hyperpreterists.  He is for now distinguishing “full preterism” & “hyperpreterism” claiming hyperpreterism is when a person becomes a universalist due to their end times beliefs.
Unlike how Dorothy was treated, the hyperpreterists are for now, treating him very kindly.  Here are some comments from them:
“I know this must have been a tough video to make, and I admire you for making it. How can I be mad? How can anyone be upset at you for following your convictions after sincere study of the Word?
Still love ya, bro! And I look forward to hearing more from you on this issue and others.” – hyperpreterist response to Vince Krivda’s declaration that he is no longer a “full preterist“.
What a difference in how Dorothy was treated, how Todd Dennis was treated, how Brian Simmons was treated, & I was treated when we declared we were no longer “full preterists”.  Why the difference? (& you may want to make a note of this Vince)  Because you have not yet called hyperpreterism what it is; A HERESY.  The moment you do Vince, you’ll no longer receive love-letters telling you how loved you are & how they respect you “following your convictions after sincere study of the Word”.  Instead, the hyperpreterists will claim you left for attention or because you never really were a full preterist (one guy is ALREADY claiming this about you Vince)
“Without knowing bibletouchstone, I know of some people who are so excited when they discover “full preterism” that they state that they are full preterist before they have really delved into or figured out all of their issues…like the resurrection, the final judgment, etc…I would say that many people fall into this category. Being enamored with FP because it is so new can definately (sp) lead to someone claiming to be a FP without actually knowing the full extent as to what that means. (Hyperpreterist “pastor” Joseph Vincent)
See, it is starting already Vince — the hyperpreterists want to paint you as a guy that didn’t know what you really believed, because they CAN’T have defectors.  As Sullivan claimed, according to hyperpreterists by rejecting hyperpreterism you are sinning “and compromising the Word of God”.
The hyperpreterists even KNOW that the typical response from them when someone leaves is to be hateful.  Listen to hyperpreterist Jason Bradfield explaining to Vince how he will do all he can to squelch the typical hyperpreterist behavior at his website:
“You also have my word that if ANY “preterists” start bad-mouthing you on SGP [hyperpret website] because of this, they will be canned.
You are always welcomed at SGP. Don’t ever hesitate to express your current position over there and i will try my darnedest in moderating to keep things respectable and civil.” (Hyperpreterist Jason Bradfield admitting hyperpreterists typically respond hatefully when someone leaves the movement)
So, Vince I know you are trying to go easy here though I want to rush to you & hear about all the reasons you left the movement & work with you to help others get out; like with Dorothy I will stay away until & if you ever want to interact on this.  Just know, that the moment you start to REALLY declare hyperpreterism for what it is; a heresy you will no longer have the “respect” of the hyperpreterists.  I & many others will be praying for you.

P.S. There will be no “using” you from this side. Again, instead of running after you, we will patiently wait for when you are ready. The “users” are from the hyperpreterists, in how they crudely have been using Dr. Talbot to legitimize themselves.

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