Thursday, May 31, 2012

Damnatio memoriae: He who shall remain nameless

During my years exposing and combating hyperpreterism, one tactic used in an attempt to squelch what I have to say, especially because I am a FORMER hyperpreterist, is to simply not acknowledge my existence.  Hyperpreterists such as Sam Frost and Jason Bradfield actually had a policy on their website that people were not allowed to use my name.  They were allowed to cite things I said but they had to use the phrase "he who shall remain nameless" or some sort of description.

This idea of de-existing a person is found in the Latin phrase; Damnatio Memoriae or condemnation of memory.  We might think of it in terms of the phrase, "History is written by the victors".  In ancient times, there was a policy to wipe out all memory and mention of an enemy so that they in effect never existed.  In this way, they don't have to be dealt with.  Their ideas and words are deleted from sight.  This way of manipulation is a bit more difficult today so instead, a person attempting to use damnatio memoriae against someone would have to get people to willingly go along.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where is the REAL Fight Against Hyperpreterism?

As more and more of the so-called "Partial-Preterists" such as Kenneth Gentry and Gary DeMar give up ground to hyperpreterism; by allotting more and more scriptures to an AD70 only interpretation; there is concern that no one is really fighting against hyperpreterism.  Sure, the Dispensationalists like Thomas Ice may be consistent opponents of hyperpreterism, but their Dispensationalism is perhaps the very thing that caused many people to over-act and go into hyperpreterism.  So, if Gentry and DeMar are more or less aiding and abetting hyperpreterism and the Dispensationalists are only offering Dispensationalism as an alternative, who then is really fighting against hyperpreterism?

Dee Dee Warren of had previously been a place where a person could find some help; and she still has a good archive of collected documents at her alternate site. (see: But after her close association with demonstrated hyperpreterist compromiser; Kenneth Talbot and her allowing so-called "former" hyperpreterist Samuel Frost dominate her approach, her site is little more than a personal sounding board for highly suspect characters.  Not to mention she took a free tuition from Talbot while he and his seminary were under critical examination for allowing a known hyperpreterist to help develop student materials.  Warren is hardly a source of integrity any longer after all of the issues.  Further, Warren has recently ridiculed the approach that has been used against hyperpreterism since the beginning of the fight -- that is; hyperpreterism, whatever it is; is not historical Christianity.  Warren now calls arguing from that point as merely a "talismen" and is a "one trick pony".  This is the same kind of response hyperpreterists often use when pressed to explain why hyperpreterism has never been believed or taught in historical Christianity.  She continues by implying that those who use this argument are not "productive" against hyperpreterism. I guess Doug Wilson and the original Kenneth Gentry were then "unproductive" when they argued such.  Anyhow, Warren's compromise with KNOWN hyperpreterist enabler, Kenneth Talbot and so-called "former" hyperpreterist Samuel Frost, who has said point-blank he has "not left" everything from hyperpreterism, makes her suspect if not damaged goods when it comes to the fight against hyperpreterism.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Last Word on Dee Dee Wah-Wah Warren

Okay, it's about time to move on from the school-girl drama that is Dee Dee Warren (not her real name by the way).  Dee Dee has always been about insinuation rather than hard, documented facts.  See example video here:  She is like a gossipy school-girl that says a bunch of unrelated, unresearched junk and hope some of it sticks.

This post will address Dee Dee's last ditch effort to insinuate and revise history.  You can find the article in question here: (ironically on the same site where I have REPEATEDLY requested Dee Dee remove articles written by me but to this day she refuses.  I guess as bad as she thinks I am, she realizes how much content she would have to delete from her site if she complied)